Ring Of Australian RoleplayING

This is the home page of the Ring Of Australian RoleplayING, ROARING. A webring dedicated to sites about roleplaying conventions, clubs and large campaigns in Australia. And sites with Australia specific roleplaying game (RPG) information.
Instructions for adding a site
  1. Check that your site fits within the ROARING guidelines.
  2. Add your site to the ROARING queue using the Add a Site page.
  3. Add the ROARING code, or the Yahoo ring code, with your site id to your site.
  4. Notify the ringmaster via the Contact page that the ROARING code has been added to your site.
  5. The ringmaster will then examine your site to see that it fits within the guidelines.
  • The site should be about roleplaying in Australia; be that Australian roleplaying conventions, clubs, large campaigns, or sites with Australia specific roleplaying information.
  • The site should be neat and contain information that is useful to the viewer.
  • The site will have the ROARING ring code on the actual page about roleplaying in Australia. In addition the code can also be put on a web ring specific page.
  • The page that the rings links to will have the ROARING code on it.
  • If your site has FRAMES the ROARING ring code will appear on both the FRAMES and the NO-FRAMES sections of your site. Making sure that the ROARING links in FRAMES use 'TARGET="_top"'.
The ring maintainer reserves the right to disallow any site not following these guidelines.
Site Contents
This page. Outlines the theme of the ROARING web ring and guidelines for joining.
Contains the form used to apply for ROARING membership.
Edit the site information or address for a site already in the queue or ring.
Link code that is required on sites that are members of the ROARING with some examples.
A JavaScript that will generate the link code for your site.
Graphics that can be use as part of your ROARING web ring links.
A collection of mailing lists for Australian roleplaying groups
Acknowledgement for people that have helped with development of the ROARING.
Contact the ROARING ring master.
External Links
A list of the sites that are members of the ROARING web ring.
Go to a random site on the ROARING web ring.
The sites most active and those that received the most traffic over the past 8 weeks.

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